In this sub-head space simply describe the one major pain point people experience
in your service area. (Intro only-refrain from starting to pitch your product.) Next steps...
A simple sales funnel structure

1  Develop Awareness:
of the problem situation
in this space! Let the visitor know
you understand
the pain point of your target.

Picture or Video
(Video works best)

Someone in a 'needful situation'
your product or service
will remedy
Picture of satisfied person
AFTER using your product or service Note: You can either use your own images or those of a stock house or we can have an affiliate take. If you have made any Video Pops, this might be an excellent place.

2  Create Passion:
HOW your solution works
to solve your
target's pain point. Make the
prospect BELIEVE your
value proposition.

Friendly picture of you or others
associated with your business.
This establishes your business
or you personally as a
trusted authority,
thus reducing
buyer resistance.

4 Take Action:
Buy this product or service now
at myemail@myemail.com

3 Choose This Remedy:
Do you want to
live without your
product or service
just keep going on?

Picture of person worried
and thinking or
reading the computer.

Note: You can either use your own images or those of a stock house or we can have an affiliate take.

Funnel Form

If you would like us to design your form with your guidance, simply fill out the form below. You will need to send us your art and images to: benqqui@gmail.com. There are instructions about sending picture or video files at the Video Pop page. Problems? Just contact us at the email above.
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Options For You

The simple funnel above works for most businesses.

It launches with an "Irresistible Offer" or deal. It continues down with 4 images illustrating corresponding content points. Of course, you can resize the elements, shift colors and fonts, insert copy and change overall design.

The structure affords you limitless creative approaches. It can easily be adapted to your products or services. Most importantly, it allows you to discover what works best.

You are welcome to use this funnel structure as a guide to build your own.

My funnels are designed so you can manage the content yourself.

If you are using other items like our Video Pops, you can use them within your Funnel(s) as well.

You can host this funnel as well as your web site on webflow.com. ($16/mo.)

If you choose not to be hosted by Webflow (but we highly recommend it), we can host your funnel(s) on mymarketpopups.com. ($10/mo/per funnel or splash page). On this platform, you can still have full
control of your content as well as launch new funnels and splash pages.

We give free online training for members regarding Webflow. You can learn from the original sites we design for you. From there, you easily can build other pages completely different from the first page.

We charge $100 per funnel and an hourly rate to change content of your existing funnel(s).

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