YOUR SITE ASSETS you more features for marketing, sales and engagement than anything else

<-YOUR WEB SITE-> the best marketing asset at your command


...includes it look and content. Build your look and content with your best assets for purpose.
We build client web sites to have any number of marketing assets for your business:

-A full Content Management System (CMS), in which you have full flexibility of adding, editing and deleting content. In the old days, you would have to pay for "maintenance" in order to change anything in your web site. Today's web 3.0 empowers clients to take over their own web sites, though this is not to say you still may not want or have time to do so.
I build (and direct the building of) web sites that launch, maintain and reflect the current marketing streams of the client. We don't move a pixel until we understand at least your general direction. Your web site then becomes a roadmap on how to get there.

Your web site is not a social media page, nomatter how serviceable the page--Meta, Google Pages, Instagram, etc. or their various story formats. They exist to promote your web page. Your web page does so much more. Don't confuse them.
How your web site looks is essential. That's design and your design should stand apart from everybody else's. If it doesn't, you are lost in the digital maze and people will hardly remember you when they want what it is you have to offer.

Your design melds with your content and assets. For example, you can't have a sale unless your site reflects the excitement and urgency of that sale. Your assets of scheduling and promoting your sale is reflected in your design and content.
-Integrations. These are separate programs that enhance the functionality of your web site. We can add these whenever you wish, but you will no doubt want to add some integrations such as share this buttons, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics and many more. Integrations are being added frequently. Before we actually start building your web site, we like to recommend integrations that you can use on your web site immediately. You can even have integrations that integrate more integrations, such as Zapier.
If you are just starting or restarting a formal marketing program, I hope you consider seeing your marketing as a whole unit-with solitary parts like your web site, images, colors, offers and sales appeals, persuasion paths (funnels) of all types, copywriting and content, advertising and landing pages and how your visitors actually purchase and/or sign up. Your web site reflects and drives all of that and more. Your web site is not Facebook, Youtube or any other social media.
Site editing: Just like the available software and service components, my client sites are built so clients easily can change their content and look. Again, you no longer have to pay for maintenance unless that's best for your situation.

With my sites, you have a client editor with which you can change/insert images, videos, text, headlines. If you take over your entire site, it is yours to change at will.
-Collections of data. Great for businesses with products and for organizations with missions. This means you can insert things like inventory items, flexible pricing, variants of all kinds that you can sell or build into your page content. We build the collections you want, then we show you how easy it is to insert your new data into a collection. You can have as many collections as you want. We get into this with you before we start building.
With all those elements, you must have website control. Hence, please read the sides regarding assets, design and content.

--Ben "BenQQ" Harrison
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Site training: We don't build web sites and walk. We stick with you if you and show you how to make your site ever fresh with changes whenever you want. First, we provide a free two-hour session on using the client editor. Second, we provide complete site build training beyond that initial free session. This is a formal separate training program that gets you up to speed with your site delivered one on one or as a group training session online.