BenQQ's Launch "V" Method

-For launch and relaunch marketing
-V stands for reputation Verity & Video
-Verity positions you as an AUTHORITY
-Later the V Method positions you as
-BenQQ's V Method lets you calibrate
your business growth with developing assets as a result of new customers, like visuals, endorsements, etc

1. Your First Video

-Direct, Short, Impactful,  Inexpensive
-Promotes your web
site where you have an       "IRRESISTIBLE" OFFER
-I write the script or topic
-Needs Testimonials and/or    Commentary

2. Make Your Business Web Site a Premiere Event

1. Use Your First Video on your web site and socials. One page is your Ad Landing Page.

2. Pull still frames from the video to your first web site.

3. Write compelling copy around those visuals about you, your business.

4. 1-4 pages. Inexpensive. We make it changeable by you.

5. Pitch and Details of your first IRRESISTIBLE OFFER--it is your first landing page

6. News Release and Ad Campaign

3. Do Your First AD Campaign

1. Google, Facebook or Instagram. Social pages are not ads. They don't function as ads.

2. Target Only Your #1 Prime Local Audience

3. Really Cheap to Scale. You set the cost.

4. 2 Different Management Options: DIY or BENQQ'S AD MANAGEMENT

5. Test & Repeat
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