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Things to do FIRST in Marketing

Never before have local advertisers been given such granular level access to markets. What's more, this access improves with machine learning. Facebook, for example, continuously hones your market profiles to continually expand existing markets and find new ones. What's more, if you are a small business, they unearth those markets nearest you or your location(s).

Marketing has always been about:

1) Researching
2) Planning
3) Producing

For now, lets do this first easy step if you haven't already: set up free business accounts on Google and Facebook. You'll see why later. (This what I do with new clients whether we do advertising on those platforms or not.)


Your research data is readily available. It is easily uncovered. Go for it. Here's how:

Look at your competitors by searching keywords on Google, YouTube and Facebook. That is coming up. Note what kind of presence your competitors have on the internet. Friendly? Official? Casual? What are they advertising specifically? Do they promise the elimination of pain points? What deals do they offer? You get the drill

Search for your competitors and/or business category/industry on Google.  Do your competitors web sites show up? At what rank? What display ads show up with the search results? What businesses, if any, have advertising in your business category at the top of the Google results?

2) PLAN--with that one prime message

Again, look at what your competitors are doing in the market. Again, this is dead easy, but it gives you a wealth of advertising information that is working.

Now that you have an idea of what your industry is doing in broad marketing, how are you going to plan your marketing approach? This is not about the media in which you will place your message, but the message itself. At this point, don't try to create a new "original" message (unless you know by experience your competitor is missing critical sales points). Rather--at this point--just work to move into the marke

Guess what? Your customers are telling you what they want your message to be. Don't invent your message and try to convince them to hear something else. Go back to research and see what people are saying about your good and bad competitors both. You can add your own innovations but keep it within the context of your markets. Don't talk Martian when you are talking to Earthlings, so to speak.

With that in mind what then best influences your target markets and how do I build that into your messaging? Here you are considering what MIGHT work and trying out different strategies and tactics (coming up).

Write out the content of your messages. This is what you want your people to get about your business. Don't think about context, grammar, timing, graphics, picture or any of that stuff. You want to identify and isolate what you think is your one best prime message of your business or mission.

OK, now do four more prime messages. Prioritize them and set them aside. You'll use them later.

3) PRODUCTION This step comes up next in TACTICS. You've already started working on it in the step above.

All this is just to get started. Your marketing can and will diverge, split, take u-turns in your business growth cycles. At some point you will look at doing retargeting, multiple customer touches, automation, funnel systems and many more concepts and tools designed to keep you focused on one thing: getting sales.

This sounds hard and complicated. Its not. You can do much if not all of what I cover in these steps. You'd only want us because we can do it faster, better and leave you with useable marketing tools. That's why people hire us.

We're here to help you out in parts or the entire process.

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As you proceed through these quick steps, you will see a UTILITIES toward the end. There you will find links to set up Google and Facebook accounts among other items.

Ben "BenQQ" Harrison

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