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Capture the Leads In Your Arena

Q: What is a lead?
A: Someone who has given you their email so you can continue the conversation toward a sale or other conversion.

Q: Why would someone give me his or her email specifically?
A: A person in your commercial or interest arena would give you his or her email to receive:
1) information
2) services and products
3) deals and offers

Q: Can I get leads by myself?
A: Yes, you can, specifically when you (or staff):
1) ask shoppers for email addresses at your business locations or events
2) create lead attractions on your internet platforms such as web and social pages
3) create leads in your email sendouts and email campaigns
4) create leads in your social platform advertising campaigns. (In these pages I concentrate on the different platforms owned by Google and Facebook, but there are other options as well.)
5) put your email on your business cards and all other media you put out

Q: Are there commercial tools to help me get leads?
A: Yes. check the Tools and Resources page after you've read through these pages.

Q: Can you help me get leads?
Y: Yes, beyond this page, with or without the tools that can be integrated into your web page or sales funnel, we implement scalable lead attraction programs to get you started and continue as your lead population grows and grows.

Like seeds, you plant your leads in your arena so you can grow them toward becoming a regular customer. Then you restart a fresh lead programs for both prospects and customers. The overused term rinse and repeat applies.

Simple Funnel Diagram

Take Your Leads Through Your (Lead) Funnel

A simple illustrated funnel. Funnels are shown to be very effective because they can take the visitor through the steps a sales person would present to either engage and/or buy. Most of the time the conclusion of the process is providing an email in exchange for free information or the purchase of a product or service.
This page overlaps the email page to a large degree. As we've discussed, the best way to get leads is to get emails. The best way to get emails is through a landing, web or even funnel page, funnel that gives away something.

A funnel is like building a web page--because it is a web page. It is built to "funnel" the reader to an end result, such as purchasing a product or giving an email for information.

So, first question, when should you use a web page and when a funnel? A web page is your standard communication tool. Aside from email, it is your most malleable and consistent communications and promotion tool.

A funnel is special--or its for items you want to present as special.

Getting leads is about two separate things: 1) getting the emails or the Leads and 2) then taking the lead through the sales funnel.
We discussed #1 in the email page. Now, let's talk about how you turn your leads into sales.

In my 20 years of marketing on the internet, the best, quickest way to get leads is to offer a PDF to your best people in exchange for their email. The PDF has to be of informational value your people would want to have.

This is a pause for everybody. How do I just pull "something of value" out of the air and offer it to the people who are my best markets? That "something" is free information about something in your arena. You can pay us, someone else or write it yourself.

The funnel path is as much a tactic as anything else. A funnel, actually a long page web site, can be as complex as a single web page or be a frequent retouch with automatic send-outs for weeks.

Your two options regarding writing: do it yourself to start OR get a professional writer/communicator to "ghost post" on your accounts.

On do it yourself writing: Like photos, this can be very persuasive and break down resistance--if your copy is good. If not, you can make yourself look bad and drive away conversions.

On hiring post writers: The more your writer works with you, the better he or she becomes. If the writer does good posts say, twice a week, your momentum will pick up speed and you will collect emails and engagement as never before. See our writing costs at right.

Remember, you can hire writers for anything: such as your lead magnets, web page, sales funnel, email campaigns as well as blog posts.

The funnel path is as much a tactic as anything else. A funnel, actually a long page web site, can be as complex as a single web page or be a frequent retouch with automatic send-outs for weeks.

Landing Page Views vs link clicks for traffic campaign both


should i be using landing page or link clicks?

use either when building a traffic campaign
when you tell users to optimize for ads, it will find users most likely to click your ad --they are just engaging with your ad unit. It could be your webpage.
here KPIs are CTRs and CPC

FACEBOOK trying to find users likely to click and land on your website
CPLPV cost per landing page view

which were batter: landing page or link clicks
we run full funnel campaigns

and then

retargeting campaigns to get them to buy


objective: traffic
length: 1 week
platforms: newsfeeds and story
ad units
creative messaging:
product focused, but no offer

cheaper for link click campaign

if yoiu optimize for landing page views, you'll get more people to land


conversion campaigns
incl. email
get as many conversionas as ppossible
5-10 conversion a week doable
fb ads manager
if you don't have something to convert, create something
no guarantees with any marketing
daily budgets
ad set name
fb registers leads
conversions give the most valuable information about your customer base
age range
detail targeting
be broad let fb do the work in conversions
include people who match....
tick reach people beyond your detailed targeting
check out audience insights tool
one interest per adset
why: you can tell if that adset does well or njot
cllick p;lacements 4 choices fb, instagram, aduience network, messenger
with conversions fb will choose best placements from its ai
would choose manual placement for anything other than conversions
don;t worry about cost control

ad creatuib
what's your offer?
easy choice
busy owners reluctant but cost per conversion pay for conversino

Start doing Lead Generation Right

Keep track of calls, email responses, retarget,

We check once a week to see how its working and checking with you on how you are handling leads

trying to get phone to ring etc.
not ecom, saas

Google ads for lead generation...

Google wants to use you to their benefit
their rules
we are not completely in line with Google

If you are just getting started, don't use Google ads
start building in other ways

requires 90 days
but paid ad promos google should be firest

bottom upfunnel

top to bottom doesn work, too expensive, too many things wrong

you need to start at the bottom of your funnel with your concept of your market and then you will expand from there. It is the opposite of the traditional funnel. This saves you tons of money, time and effort.

Google is one opton

you pay according to the auction

If google fails often the auction has priced you out of the market

auction, not option

look at your competitors

big orgs can't get granular

google incentivizes you

grades on a curve to more relevance

2/3 of commercial intent result in paid click

not clicks

might want to do certified partners, seo, strategic relationships

70 million demographic, psychographic profiles
facebook has 55K
or everybody who engages in google ecosystem
90% of all internet users
65% on daily basis
google analytics
you're competing ainst every biz that wants that attentino
$5 to 2000 spend will get you 400 clicks
spend at least 2k mo for 90 days
can spend less
must be ultra niche

must haves
enough $ for 90 days
adequate way to receive and track
make sure you have the margins to support paid traffic
--recurring business models
--know how to sell
We are an agency that wants to get you up to where you are gong, but having said that you still have to spend enough for 90 days. And then we start charging some.

If you don't have a goal we work it out with you.

Don't drive google ads to a bad web site. FAST, MOBILE RESPONSIVE, QUALITY INFO,

We don't take clients with no or bad web sites. That's why we do web sites for clients, prework their market and then do first google ads.

estimates and projectinos calculator on sol8

google optimizes conversion options
have trackable events

flywheel: assume, test, observe, optimize

natural aging of campaigns

4 key campaigns
brand--10% of your budget
general search--70
retargeting, remarketing--10%

build out ad groups, negative key words
ad copy robust, split testing ad copy against each other, follow good rules, negative key words

how stop fraud traffic
in google ads go to locations, change to matched locations, go tocampaign settings , locations got to localtion options set to targetted locations

sol8.com action plan

google ads cpc in 21 compared to 20 went up 280%

leads, quantity, cpa

google forces ou to depend on algo

spend to learn

keep budget higher hang tight
assess ROAS ups and downs fine, find out why

manual cpcs still here best for lead gen.

long tailed broads

lean into llong term optimization weeks and months not deays and wks
leverage this
this is he way people use the internet

you don't have to go to top of funnel

more expensive to get people to know an unknown new product
have to pay to estblish an industry for that product

bottom up funnel
starts with purchasers first
google finds 80% of why people purchase--performance max
buo;d brnding up the funnel

You can do lead generation without facebook
you don't need pixel tracking
When you don't need pixel tracking ios14 not an issue
\Pixel Tracking not an issue
mvp minimum viable app

holy trinity of traffic
google, youtube and fb

problems, opportunities
problem..attribution..clients concern want to track dollar spend
tracking never been that accurate

use fb ads, then get then into email
now training in house teams
opportunity--extension of their marketing

day zero even if fb not reporting numbers...how do we know
wicked reports...organic and paid marketing attribution software
day zero...not a tracking issue
attribution...biggest problem

lead gen on fb, then do email

earn on fb
sell on other channels
now have to wait 3 days for data
lead gen then comes again
pixeless solution--do lead gen in app that doesn't touch a pixel
do all sorts of segmentation,
you can buypass your website
adapt your media buying to where things are

trad. youtube aproach my marketers:
create an ad,
get as many people as possible to watch
send them to my website

on fb cpm drops with sells buys because its a good experience
what is long...3 minutes ads\higher ctr more you pay

YT wants you to stay on platform, otherwise u pay
here's what this offer is about
ctr stays low

you are putting funnel in app in yt
content heavy
don't want more clkicks

give google intent and media

staying in app allows you more control and autonomy

find the mvp and stay in app

chat pop one time i can talk for a couple of pennies

what's app underused resource

messenger 92 percent open rate

organic market good for remarketing in yt

opportunities come out of yt is huge

YT most powerful thing i've ever done for my business'

low clickthruough rates usually
upsell works also

human behavior

alex formosseyll'
the offer is it

dirty cmpetition
ads management, 3 mo plan, consulting, coaching, training, full audit

give them full plan

look at their products or service, audience they are targeting, the offer, the funnel

look at these then you cantell if biz is redy for advertising, or scaling

what is the identity you give to a client

video coming soon

Contact us.