Want more people to engage you and your site?
Are you a small to medium business or organization?
Are you an individual contractor, artist or service provider?
If you are any of those or don't even have a web site yet...

Then you have a fan in web productivity. Me.

Like you, I am a small expert entrepreneur in my field. I do have a changing team located around the world that I use on contract projects. That keeps client costs down.

Sometimes I do entire projects myself.

I am not a big corporation that charges you "those" rates. I am a small business wants to keep you in the loop ongoing.

My web site is designed for you to find resources you can use to grow your business. I like to think your first resource here is me.

I have worked on web sites in SEO, marketing, design and content since 1998 . From a creation standpoint, the web has mine-bendingly changed to what it was way back then. However, it is still complex and detailed and you can't just "press a button" to make it work--tho in some cases that is getting closer.

Though the web has vastly improved for businesses to reach highly targeted audiences, the complexity of support tools, (such as marketing and management resources) have added to the persistent complexity of design and content creation (for most sites).

The modern web (and capitalistic creativity) have created its own new, vast and growing dynamic of technical resources in design, SEO, marketing and transactional ability. Technology--like they say, you can't live with it and can't live without it.

That's where I come in.

Since starting on the web, I engaged complexity with the idea of keeping it simple for my clients (and me).

I invite you to take a quick walk-through with the links in the navbar above. On some pages there is a form for questions and you can reach me on the contact page as well.

Let me get you started. Just click the running cat below to start your quick walk through to see what I still say since the web began--or I began on it--are the 3 best, free and cheap things you can do for your business. See you there!

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